In the spring of 2012 I was invited to be a part of a founding team of game designers under the name Mojo Game Studios. During my time with the indie game company, I have done everything from Visual Effects, Programming, Design, to Art Direction on our current project, Aderyn’s Cradle . Below is a visual sampling of the work I’ve done for the studio.

Visual Effects and Scripting.
In the following in-game photos and clip, I was responsible for the environmental and entity lighting, color palette, water, fireflies, leaves, wind scripting, Curse building scripting (Large black cloud form), and basically anything that was moving in the environment.

Combat Island_Web

Deer_Web (1)

Design and Art Direction.
I produce moving images to display the motion of certain scenes in the game. Below are concept work that has been edited and animated to show level designers / asset modelers how the scene conceptually plays out.

I also give direction to visual feel. Below is one of my iterations of our introduction.